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Dell Inspiron 1525 Power Supply Charger AC Adapter


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The Dell Inspiron 1525 Ac Adapter are made from highest quality parts, the Dell Ac adapter is tailored made according to the original size. Every Dell Inspiron 1525 adapter should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage and power before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of CE, UL, EMC, CQC,ROHS, etc. Global Universal, different countries with different specifications of AC power cord. 

Input: 100V-240V 50/60hz
Output: 19.5V 3.34A
Power: 65W
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 months
Remark: Tested to be 100% working properly.
package included: a 65W-AC adapter and a power cable

Compatible Part Numbers:
PA-12, HA65NS-00

Fit Laptop Models:

Dell Inspiron 300m
Dell Inspiron 500m
Dell Inspiron 505m
Dell Inspiron 600m
Dell Inspiron 630m
Dell Inspiron 640m
Dell Inspiron 700m
Dell Inspiron 710m
Dell Inspiron 6000
Dell Inspiron 6000D
Dell Inspiron 8500
Dell Inspiron 8600
Dell Inspiron 6400
Dell Inspiron E1405
Dell Inspiron E1505
Dell Inspiron 1501
Dell Inspiron 1420
Dell Inspiron 1521
Dell Inspiron 1520
Dell Inspiron 1525
Dell Inspiron 1526

Dell XPS M140
Dell XPS M1210
Dell XPS M1410
Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1530

Dell Latitude D400
Dell Latitude D410
Dell Latitude D420
Dell Latitude D430
Dell Latitude D500
Dell Latitude D510
Dell Latitude D520
Dell Latitude D530
Dell Latitude D600
Dell Latitude D610
Dell Latitude D620
Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D800
Dell Latitude D810
Dell Latitude D820
Dell Latitude D830
Dell Latitude D831
Dell Latitude X300
Dell Latitude 131L
Dell Latitude X1

Dell Precision M20
Dell Precision M65

Dell Vostro 90
Dell Vostro 1000
Dell Vostro 1400
Dell Vostro 1500
Dell Vostro 1510
Dell Vostro 1310

What is the nominal voltage and current of Dell Inspiron 1525 Ac Adapter mean?

The nominal voltage of Dell Inspiron 1525 power supply normally refers to the open circuit output voltage, that is a voltage value not take any load and without current output. Therefore, this can be considered as the output voltage limit of Dell Inspiron 1525 Adapter. For the internal use of the initiative power supply unit or voltage regulator components of the benchmark, in general the use of high resistance DC voltmeter can directly measured the nominal voltage, even if the mains voltage fluctuations in a certain place, the output is also a constant value;
The current of Dell Inspiron 1525 Ac Adapter: Regardless of any Dell laptop Ac Adapter has a certain amount of resistance, so when the laptop ac adapter output current, the voltage drop in the internally , which is equal to the output current multiplied by the Dell Inspiron 1525 power adapter resistance. Resulted in two things, one is the heat generated is equal to the square of the output current multiplied by resistance, so the power will be hot;

the same nominal voltage, output current differences, Dell Inspiron 1525 Ac Adapter can be used in the same laptop?

The underlying principle is the nominal current of small power can be replaced by a large nominal current of the power. It might be misunderstood, someone thinks great nominal current of the power will burn Notebook, actually how large the current depends on the load in the case of the same voltage;

that is, the work of the notebook, the current was bigger when the notebook in a high-load operation and smaller when the notebook turned into standby state, in short, the current equals to the voltage added to the notebook divide by the notebook's equivalent resistance. Large nominal current Dell Inspiron 1525 Ac Adapter has sufficient current margin and will not overheating or low output voltage after replace a small nominal current power.
If you use a small current replaced a high-current Dell AC adapter will ouccers such dangerous. But some friends instead of 72w with a 56w ac adapter for Dell Inspiron 1525 is also no problem, that is because Dell ac adapter is usually designed to leave a margin, load power must be less than the power, therefore it is feasible, but the margin on the remaining Dell Inspiron 1525 adapter power are only a few;

The same type of laptop, why mine always hot when someone else's Dell Inspiron 1525 charger is just warm?

Do not doubt your Dell Inspiron 1525 adapter problems, first check that what are you doing with your laptop, whether like the above said two usb hard drives, cpu running at full speed, hard disk read and write crazy, drive at full speed to read the disk, while charging the laptop battery, stood loud music, the screen brightness of the largest wireless network card has been detected signal and so on, make good use of power management.

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